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Thursday, September 14 2017
6:30pm - 9:30pm

Android Happy Hour @ Lyft

RSVP -->> us for an evening of food, drinks, talks, and networking with Android enthusiasts at Lyft's Seattle engineering office. We’ve scheduled a series of technical talks led by our Android engineers to provide some insights into Lyft's technical stack and product lifecycle. Schedule 6:30 – 6:50 PM Arrive Sign in, grab a drink, and help yourself to some food. 6:50 – 7:10 PM  |  Kathy Ma Tech Talk: Building, launching, and iterating on Lyft Shuttle Lyft Shuttle recently launched as a beta program in San Francisco and Chicago. It aims to be a sustainable and affordable commuting solution and attract passengers to become frequent riders. By building density along popular routes and filling higher occupancy vehicles, this feature can unlock lower per-ride price points for passengers and increase vehicle efficiency for drivers. It is supported by a cross-functional team whose responsibilities include passenger and driver experiences, route generation, matching, dispatch, engagement, growth, and overall strategy. This talk will introduce Shuttle and present the technical and product challenges of building and launching a new product. 7:10 – 7:30 PM  |  Pierce Johnson Tech Talk: Architecting Amp: Android integration with embedded systems The Lyft Amp is a Bluetooth Low Energy embedded systems hardware device developed by Lyft and used by Lyft drivers. The device connects to the Lyft Driver app to display unique animations and information to drivers and passengers on two LED screens. The Amp can greet a passenger when the driver arrives at the pickup location\, display the ETA for the ride’s destination, display the Seahawks colors on game days, and much more! While the product itself is unique to Lyft, the core problems and challenges of building embedded systems into Android applications are not. Really low level programming is not something that most mobile developers are familiar with, but may become a larger part of our lives in the ever expanding network of connected devices. This presentation will dive into development processes and architectural components and decisions required for integrating bluetooth-enabled hardware into an Android app by using Lyft’s own embedded systems device, Amp, as an example. 7:30 – 7:50 PM  |  Ryan Tempas Tech Talk: Creating the Lyft Driver App: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Originally Lyft was introduced as a single app where users could switch to between driver and passenger modes in order to give and recieve rides. There were advantages at the beginning to having only one app with multiple modes, but after time this bloated the app size and decreased the rate that we could create and release new features. Splitting these two modes (one into a Passenger app and one into a Driver app) could be done in a few ways, but we settled upon using the modularization of various apsects of the code for the task. This talk will discuss the architecture and execution of this modularization used in order to release the Lyft Driver app. 7:50 – 8:30 PM Q&A / Mingle Kathy Ma Kathy is an Android Engineer at Lyft, where she works on building Lyft's next generation of commuter products. She has worked on Carpool, a casual carpooling product that piloted in the Bay Area, and is currently working on Shuttle, Lyft's newest product for commuters in San Francisco and Chicago. Previously, Kathy worked on building mobile computer vision features and frameworks for Amazon's shopping app as part of the A9 Visual Search team at Amazon. Pierce Johnson Pierce is a Senior Mobile Engineer at Lyft, and the first member of the Driver Experience team. Since joining Lyft, Pierce has been responsible for building out the driver app, and open sourcing Scoop, Lyft’s view-only Android framework. Previously, Pierce worked as a full stack engineer in digital payments for Amazon’s Kindle and Appstore apps. Ryan Tempas When he's not fighting crime as a masked vigilante, Ryan usually works as an Android Engineer at Lyft. He is a member of the Driver Experience Team, contributing to many new features that drivers depend in their day to day lives. Some of these include the Amp (driver dashboard device), Driver App, Scheduled Pickups and Carseat mode. Previously, Ryan worked at Microsoft, creating a platform for Android apps to run natively on Windows, and on a Microsoft Office mobile incubation project.

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