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Thursday, September 13 2018
4:00pm - 7:00pm

Let's Talk Elections, Voting, & the Democratic Political Zeitgeist of our time

We have some really big problems in this country...
Unemployment, Economic Stagnation, Long Term Tragic Errors of Leadership, Corruption, Two major Wars, Citizens United, Term Limits, Money in Politics, Corrupt Politicians, Octagenerian Incumbents, Lobbyists and Billionaires buying Elections, Senators working exclusively with Beltway insiders and Corporate Lobbyists for their own self enrichment and perpetual office holding.
And then we have the Ignorant Barbarians inside our own Gates, running the major political parties like their own Private Fiefdoms, and supporting Corruption and Private Gain for the Crony Capitalist Class of their Paymasters only. And they engage in Job Destruction instead of Job Creation. They make up and support Trade Treaties that destroy Good American Jobs and send these jobs out of the country at a time that we need jobs here in America desperately.
These are the Cancers in the Democratic Body of our Republic. Our Senators in Washington DC today care only to keep their own jobs with Lobby and Corporate Money than help the people of the State of Washington be employed. These are the serious and systemic transactional instances of Corruption of the long term Career Politicians, like our Senators in WDC, that stifle our Democracy and stop the Natural propensity of generational Renewal and Change in our Politics.
They are the Cancer we suffer through.
In short the Incumbents that always try to arrest Progress and relegate us to the Dark Ages of their Ignorance and their level of complicity in the General Corruption.
They certainly do not serve us anymore.
They Got to Go...
Let's FIght This Massive Corruption Together.
Let's Stop the digging and work ourselves out of this hole... Let's excise this Cancer from our Society and from the Body Politic now. We have the Solutions to this problem and I believe that we can take back our government from these corrupt and complicit career politicians, by working together to change things...
Come together and let's work to clean this Cancer form the body Politic.
Let's get together to activate, to organize, and thus change the course of this Great Country through Democratic Politics, and through voting intelligently, in the upcoming caucuses, primaries, and in the general Elections.
Bring your problems and your Solutions. We will offer you our Assistance yet we also want you to help yourself.
Let's get to it...
Dr Churchill
Here is Robert Reich talking about these issues:¬if_t=live_video

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