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Sunday, October 14 2018
2:30pm - 4:00pm

The Right To Bear Arms & the Well Regulated Militia.... of the US Constitution.

After another Mass shooting in the concert of country music in Las Vegas, killing some 59 people, and after all these prior Mass Shootings, in Pulse nightclub of Orlando in Florida, and all the School Shootings leaving scores of people dead, such as the one at the Umpqua College in Oregon -- the 142nd School Mass Shooting, since the year 2013 -- we are left wondering if this is a regular and almost daily occurrence...
Aside from the outside world, and the daily grind -- in three short years we've had more than 144 school shootings, and counting... The next day after Umpqua, we had two more mass school shootings. One in Northern Arizona State University, and another in Southern Texas University -- and we keep on counting...
So now we are up to 144 mass shootings in Schools across the country since 2013 and the year is still not out yet.
So, maybe -- just maybe -- it's high time to stop discussing Guns, stop talking about just the Right To Bear Arms and start thinking about the RESPONSIBILITY that is borne out of bearing arms as well.
Let's talk about RIGHTS & RESPONSIBILITIES stemming from the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution, and thus understand better what the Framers had in mind.
We ought to do this ourselves and understand our responsibilities instead of blindly plowing ahead the way it's always been done, and start thinking of actually DOING something Responsible about this Mess.
Taking Responsibility about doing something, is the first step of Leadership...
As a Responsible Gun Owner I think first of the Safety of myself and my family and those around me -- same as all other responsible gun owners, and normal people out there. That thoughtful safety includes measures of access, and control. Similar to the responsible use of an automobile... gun use and ownership ought to come with a measure of RESPONSIBILITY and KNOWLEDGE.
Lack of this basic responsibility causes the many Mass Shootings, and the Mass Violence visited upon society through Military grade Weapons proliferating on the streets of America. Add to this the serious lack of Background Checks, and the lack of Insurance for Gun Owners, and the registration process missing altogether and You can understand Why this issue is tearing off the fabric of our Society.

Gun Safety is a Hot Topic today and we need to find Solutions, while this weighs on our minds and hearts.
Let's get smart and look with unfettered eyes to the amendments and the Constitution as well as to the safety of children going to school... We must recognize that our Gun System same as our Mental health system are seriously broken. Put the two broken systems together and you've got Mass Shootings and a Society n denial.

Plus three and counting up...
The parents freak out as the school shooting numbers go up each and every day.
And while we fail to talk about responsibility -- there has been way too much talk about the mental health of the shooters. Yet we are seeking parity with advanced nations in our health care system, and the ACA is a step in the right direction -- mental health isn't our strong suit. Still even if we allow for that failing -- we are not winning the comparisons with other Peoples, and other civilized nations out there. We are always coming up top in mass murders through weapons violence.
In that way we are always an Exception. A nation of Outliers. A unique example of wanting to exhaust all other options before we decide to do the right thing.
Yes, our exceptionalism in this case is working against us. We are bellow par on most important social tracking measures of Progress and Success. Sadly, this is a talk we are not even close to starting...
And aside from the cheap talk about how our Gun System is God given and built inside the Constitution through an Amendment that enshrined the Patriotic Militias into the fabric of Society, at a time full of uncertainty, and in the aftermath of a terrible war -- we've really not done much thinking, after that.
Yet now that the chicken come home to roost daily -- methinks the time has arrived for a serious discussion not about what's broken but about identifying what needs fixing, intervening, and treating both the runaway Gun Complex, and the Mental illnesses, thus ensuring access to both care for those afflicted and safety for all the rest.
Yet as it turns out today -- the mass shootings are good for business for the gun industry and it's lobbying arm -- the NRA. After another mass shooting, the NRA and the weapons manufacturers churn out the paranoia-laden press releases that cause gun sales to go up. The reason the NRA opposes all sensible gun legislation that might reduce the number of mass shootings is all about money, and not at all about the Second Amendment.

FACT: The NRA And Gun Sellers Profit Massively From Mass Shootings
The Question is: Should the organizations, companies, and business owners who directly benefit from massacres be allowed to control the narrative of gun law reform?
Of course they’re anti-gun control — it’s bad for business. I thought we decided as a country a long time ago that business decisions should not take precedent over people’s lives? Still year after year, shooting after shooting, despite the evidence that more guns and less laws does not reduce gun crime and massacres, we’re still nowhere closer to a solution to our country’s gun problem.
After last week’s mass shooting at Umpqua Community College which killed nine students and teachers, injured several others, and prompted a response from the President -- the United States manufacturers of weapons and the Gun Sellers are all expecting the usual spike in gun sales.

The President had this to say:
“There is a gun for roughly every man, woman, and child in America. So how can you, with a straight face, make the argument that more guns will make us safer?"
“We know that states with the most gun laws tend to have the fewest gun deaths. So the notion that gun laws don’t work, or just will make it harder for law-abiding citizens and criminals will still get their guns is not borne out by the evidence.”
Every time a person tries to buy a gun in one of the few States that has background check laws, and only if they choose to buy the weapons through the registered & official Gun Dealers, they have to fill out a background check form that gets faxed or emailed to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) for registration and background check. The FBI keeps track of these background checks and finds that in each month after a mass shooting occurs, the number of background checks the NICS processes skyrocketed. So far this year, before the Oct. 1 mass shooting, the NICS has processed 15.6 million background checks, compared to the same time period in 2013, when the NICS processed a record-breaking 15.5 million.
Of course most gun sales go unreported because they are unreported and if they are between private sellers, over the internet, in the street corners, from the back of a truck, or amongst gun owners and especially in the gun shows that take place every day and all the weekend s across the country -- the guns and the owners, both buyers & sellers -- go totally unchecked.
Here is a chart of the open carry laws, the stand your ground laws, the No Permit required States, and the general lack of regulation that pervades the Gun use and ownership. Here are also the States that have some form of gun check, or background report.
But the absence of any regulation in most states is surprising because if one were to compare the DMV regulations that control Driver's Licenses and Operations of Motor Vehicles across the various States of the US and the Insurance requirements to be able to operate a Motor Vehicle -- with the lack of any regulation or insurance for Gun ownership, trading, or use, we would be well advised to examine the two things in a similar light.

Consider this chart next time that you have a conversation about Gun Controls and regulations of weapons, because they are conspicuously absent across most all of the country. And this chart is for the year 2015, when most communities suffer daily from extreme gun violence, across the United States.
And unsurprisingly and guaranteed, much like clockwork, the gun sales go through the roof after every major Gun violence and Mass Shooting anywhere in the country. The mass killings are the best advertisements for the gun industry because they instill fear in the hearts of people and cause them to have an impulsive reaction towards safety by going out to buy a new gun and ammunition or an assortment of weapons and much ammo to be able to start a civil war.
After the recent mass shootings of the Umpqua College campus in Roseburg Oregon, in Northern Arizona State University and in other schools within this past week -- gun sales skyrocketed.
The Gun Sellers already report a notable increase in weapon sales and especially in semi-automatic guns across the country and especially in those communities directly affected by the violence.
So What Gives?

It's a Public Relations nightmare that turns every mass shooting into a bonanza of gun sales. Because the NRA takes advantage of the moment and shifts the debate to the worst element of Society. The Mentally Sick. The mentally deficient. THe Crazies. These are the nightmare attackers of our Schools. Or not? Maybe this is the occasion that we can turn our worst nightmares into the worst nightmare of the NRA and all the Weapons manufacturers.
How can we accomplish this?
Through a New Political Consensus that could emerge if we could build a common-sense gun reform slate of Policies that can be applied in cities and states, across the nation. Federal legislation will not happen now or ever... but local legislation can happen and it will. Look at New York City for guidance on this issue...
And that is what troubles the NRA most. It isn’t the idea of radical liberal boogeyman coming to take away all of the guns. It is local and State legislation that will control sales. It is an Idea whose time has come. The liberal boogeyman is just a PR illusion, much like a sales pitch from the NRA, that is designed to inspire fear on well believing Citizens and thus drive up sales of weapons.

And this is what really scares the NRA. The possibility of a national grassroots movement that will force changes at the State and City level that they can’t control, let alone -- stop.
And maybe it is time now because the wheel of History has turned far enough so that the pendulum will start swinging the other way now.
Like the rest of the nation, we are all appalled by runaway gun violence and mass shootings inside our schools, inside our churches, and inside our theaters.
This type of mass shooting only happens in our country, where the mass shootings in our elementary schools, in our high schools, in our churches, and in our colleges -- go on regularly, as if they are Business as usual.

And while we would all admit that there are no simple fixes -- that does not mean we should do nothing. The system is broken and clearly not working because people on both sides of this issue cannot simply continue shouting at each other. Nobody wants more mass killings and serious people are going to have to engage in serious discussion.
There are some very concrete steps that we can take to lessen the number of these recurring mass shooting tragedies taking the lives of young people, at a far greater clip than Terrorism ever could.
We must think of this and not only try to minimize these mass shootings like Australia and Canada did, but we also have to make those that "happen" far less lethal. To do this we have to engage in a Public and Democratic Discourse that includes the right ideas supported by the majority of the responsible gun owners, and to ensure that the Right to bear Arms is not violated.

Yet we are all in agreement that we must strengthen and better enforce the instant background check system, and we must close the gun-show loophole, which allows unlicensed dealers to sell guns to people who otherwise would not be able to get them. We must also make ‘straw man’ purchases a federal crime, and we must ban those semi-automatic assault weapons which are designed strictly for mass killings of human beings.
All ideas are welcome and we can try to find the Common Ground here...
Join the Debate and bring out your Solutions, and General Goodness.

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